Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Terrorizing Muslim Women | Global Terrorism

Terrorizing Muslim Women | Global Terrorism  Nice article explaining what happens to women under Sharia Law.  It also explains why Muslim women never speak up about their treatment and why they persecute other women for breaking Sharia Law.  Lovely "religion" we have going on here, don't you think?  Rebel and you die.  Yep that sounds like a good ideological system to bring to this country.   In fact let's not stop there.  Let's bring Islam to the whole world.  Can you imagine the entire world living under such a system?

Oh and that bit about Islam honoring women.  How does treating a woman like half a citizen or property honor her?  How does taking away her ability to make decisions for herself honor her?  How does stoning her or raping her for charges of adultery or rebellion, trumped up or otherwise, honor her?  How does isolating her or covering her up honor her?  How does forcing young girls to undergo a barbaric ritual (female circumcision) to destroy her sexuality honor women?  If this is honor, I want no part of it.

I have said it before and will continue to say that the true measure of a healthy society is the way it treats it's women and children.  It is time for those under the influence of Islam to wake up to the fact that women and children ensure the survival of a civilization and deserve far better treatment than this. There is no place for medieval thinking in a 21st century world.   I

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