Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslims

The Chief of NASA says that upon his appointment Obama charged him with three things he was supposed to do, FOREMOST of which was to make Muslims feel good about their historic contributions to math and science as well as involve them in more NASA programs.  So what is he supposed to do exactly?  Burp them after feeding and wipe their butts?  Give them gold stars on their math and science projects and hang them on the workplace refrigerator?  Make them teacher's pet and let them all go to the head of the class?  Oh yeah...maybe he is supposed to give all the plum projects to Muslims while other engineers and scientists get shoved aside.  Yeah...that's it. 

This is another example of Obama's condescending attitude and appeasement agenda.  But it  may have the opposite effect of what he intended.  Arab Muslims in particular will no doubt be insulted as they already know and value their historic contributions to math and science because they invented most of it.  Instead of appeasement this ridiculous policy will result in handing over a significant chunk of our space program to anti-American countries who will tell us "so long suckers!"  Once again, in the words of Pogo,  "we have met the enemy and they is us."  Or should we say, we have met the losers and they is us?

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