Sunday, July 18, 2010

Islam in America Part Eight: The Workplace | Homeland Security

Islam in America Part Eight: The Workplace | Homeland Security Very informative article about how the growing influence of Islam in the American workplace is a type of "stealth jihad." Is this happening in your work place? How has it affected you, your co-workers and your supervisors? Write your thoughts and comments below.

I haven't been affected by Islam in my work place but I do remember the Shelbyville TN meat packing plant incident mentioned in this article. A huge outcry against the decision to replace Labor Day with a Muslim holiday for all caused the company to retract the decision. This is what happens when people stand up for their rights. The only way to handle such things is for people to have the courage to speak out and to not be intimidated. But it can' t happen just one time. It has to happen on a daily basis. For it to happen daily, people must be informed and vigilant.

One final thought. This is just another example of the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Don't you find it fascinating that in our quest for cheap labor we imported Somali immigrants who have now become a huge part of this problem? Read the article for details about how this group has become the most demanding of the Islamists. Once again we are turning out to be our own worst enemy in this regard! How much longer are we going to allow our tax dollars to fund programs that perpetuate such absurdities? What will it take to wake us up? Burqas on our grandchildren?

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