Friday, July 9, 2010

Farewell To The King Of Pork

Farewell To The King Of Pork Ah yes, the obligatory Robert C. Byrd post, to mark the passing of the longest serving senator ever. I remember writing a report on Senator Byrd for my 9th grade civics class. Since I am 56 years old that should give you an idea of just how long he had been around as he had already been a senator for several years by the time I wrote about him. I don't remember much about the report or why I chose him as a subject but I do remember my parents wishing I had chosen another senator. Now I know why!  We lived in West Virginia until I was 13 years old so no doubt my parents were well aware of Senator Byrd's colorful personality.  Chip Wood, from Personal Liberty, sums up Senator Byrd's legacy better than I ever could so enjoy his article today.  I am no great fan of Senator Byrd but I do owe him one thing, and that is a greater awareness of the role of the senator and the purpose of government.  That report sparked my life long interest in history, political science and government.  History will judge Senator Byrd's unique contributions to his state and the nation.  But as for Senator Byrd and myself, we'll always have 9th grade civics class.  Thank you Senator Byrd, and rest in peace.

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