Sunday, July 18, 2010

Islam in America Part Two: American Prisons | Homeland Security

Islam in America Part Two: American Prisons | Homeland Security: This is sort of a follow-up on the original February 2009 investigation that "so-called "prison Islam" was the fastest growing religious group in U.S. correctional facilities." You may find it particularly enlightening that groups like the ACLU file lawsuits to guarantee special treatment to Muslim inmates. And how do these inmates express their gratitude? By demanding special treatment, radicalizing fellow inmates, planning jailbreaks, distributing propaganda, and plotting attacks of course! It does seem though that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is finally waking up and doing background checks on the Muslim prison chaplains and other religious service providers. This is a good start because of the clout these chaplains have within and outside of the prison system.

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