Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talks Open on UN World Arms Treaty

EDITORIAL: U.N. threatens Second and First Amendments - Washington Times I have been receiving emails for over a year now from various gun groups warning about US support for a UN Arms Trade Treaty.  Now that the talks have officially opened we are seeing this reported for the first time in the main stream media..

Quietly, without fanfare, the UN has been holding meetings behind closed doors for years to work on a global arms trade treaty which is projected to be ready by the year 2012.  This treaty will be legally binding on every nation that signs it and will establish a form of global arms control and registry for everything from handguns to fighter jets. According to the Washington Times The Heritage Foundation thinks that some form of world gun registry will almost certainly be a part of this treaty.  There will be many other provisions as well addressing such things as video game content and human trafficking.  However, the potential for global gun control and a world registry is getting the most attention right now because it has such huge implications for our first and second amendment rights.

The push for a world arms treaty has actually been going on in the UN for quite sometime.  The Bush administration narrowly stopped it a few years ago, believing that the issues addressed would be better solved by nations themselves.  The Obama administration, backed by anti-gun and weapon groups, now supports the talks and wants to move forward towards a treaty.  The Seattle Times article below  makes a great case for global arms control and I'll admit that on the surface it sounds pretty good.  The world is pretty dangerous now and I can't blame those who would want to do all they can to make it safer.  In fact the article makes the arms treaty sound like such a good idea that if I didn't know better I would not only  jump on the arms treaty bandwagon, I would drive it.  But here are my concerns. Whatever our feelings about gun control, I think we Americans need to understand first and foremost that achieving it through global governance will not only directly assault our Constitutional rights but will also subject a huge chunk of our sovereignty to a world governing body, the UN.  The fact that this particular governing body is notoriously corrupt, inefficient and ineffective gives me even greater cause for concern.

Another concern is countries and regimes that already give guns, money and other weapons to terrorists.  Who really thinks such countries will abide by a mere treaty?  I don't believe for one minute that this treaty will be effective because people and nations always find ways to break the rules.  What the treaty will do is cause weapons to be taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens and placed in the hands of criminals, terrorists and countries who want to destroy us. People and nations the world over will lose the right to defend themselves.  .

One final thought.  Americans must decide whether or not the Constitution and our national sovereignty are still important to us because we are at the point now where we must fight for them like never before.  For the first time we have an administration that is all too willing to solve problems by weakening us as a nation and subjecting us to world rule. We have to decide if we want to solve problems as a strong nation or as weak member of a world body.   If this treaty comes to pass we will have one final stand we can take as a nation.  For the treaty to be legal the Senate must ratify it.  If we do not want this treaty, now is the time to start flooding our senators' offices with emails, phone calls and letters demanding they not ratify it.  Otherwise world government is just a step away.

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