Thursday, July 15, 2010

Henninger: Berwick Recess Appointment Is Bigger Than Kagan -

Henninger: Berwick Recess Appointment Is Bigger Than Kagan - Henninger makes a great point that Berwick's appointment to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is "probably the most significant personnel decision in a generation." He goes on to say that it is more important than even Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. I wonder how many people in this country realize that the CMS has a budget bigger than the Pentagon? I wonder how many people realize that the CMS directly influences everything that happens in American medicine? Do people realize just how much power Dr. Berwick has now? I wonder if people realize the true revolutionary nature of Dr. Berwick's ideas and that Obama has just given him full rein to carry them out without Congressional approval? What's worse is that Congress and the American people were denied a significant, important opportunity to hear this man's views and judge whether or not we wanted him to run this agency. Granted, he may have been appointed anyway. But at least Americans would have had a chance to voice an opinion one way or another and would be clear about his vision for American medicine and the country. This is a guy who is "in love" with socialized medicine and wants to take us there. Don't you think we had a right to know his plans?

The bottom line is that whether or not this was a good or bad choice, we were denied our voice. This is just another example of the process of nudging us towards more regulation, more government control. I wonder how many more times Obama will bypass Congress and the American people before we wake up? Will we accept the gradual socialization of America or will we fight back?

I'm fighting back.

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