Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Democrats Cast Patraeus in New Light

Click on the title for another article sent by my very astute brother explaining why and how General Patraeus almost overnight became the Darling of the Democrats.  It still amazes both of us how the General went from being Bush's man, and therefore evil, to Obama's man and thus now good.  If it weren't so serious it would be funny! 

The comments to this article are well worth taking the time to read.  One commenter observed that possibly the reason Obama chose General Patraeus was to keep him from running for president in 2012 by making him unpopular if he lost the war.  That is an interesting theory but if true, it would be a huge gamble on Obama's part considering Patraeus' success in Iraq.  Patraeus intends to win.  The question is does this represent a change of heart, that Obama is now ready to win the war?  Or more importantly, will Obama let General Patraeus win the war?  Only time will tell.  

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