Monday, May 24, 2010

Rand Paul is right!

Thomas Jefferson told us that we must be vigilant in keeping the federal government confined within it's enumerated power's. He went on to say that while in one case it may be for the good (giving the fed more power than is Constitutional), it is the common tool used by tyrants to oppress.
James Madison told us that men with power should alway's be mistrusted.
While the goal of the civil rights movement was a noble and righteous one, we must look beneath the surface. We must look at how the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government used this "equal rights" movement to create long lasting voting blocks for themselves, and destroyed 4 generations of people in doing so.
Here are just a few of the things that came out of the fed.
1- The modern welfare system- While it may sound nice to say they wanted to help the poor, what they did was far from help. They offered poor families just enough money to survive, and then told them that if they got caught working the small amount they were receiving would be taken away. This took away all motivation to work and become self sufficient. Then these families were told that they couldn't have a man living in the house. This drove fathers away from the home. The federal government use to send social workers into peoples homes to inspect for any hint of a man living in the house. If I were the most devious man on earth I couldn't have devised a better method for destroying the work ethic and breaking up families than what the fed did. Many of these families wound up with Grandmother, mother, daughters (and the daughters children) all on public assistance and dependent on government. Many of these families still, 50 years later, have not been able to break these chains.
2- It gave us quotas- This was just replacing one form of discrimination with another and caused, even blacks who were well qualified, to be thought of as getting their position because of affirmative action and not their qualifications.
3- It gave us Race Norming- This effected all public employment and promotion tests and college placement. This is how it worked. If the average test score for whites was 80%, and the average for blacks was 65%, then black people taking the exam would get an automatic 15 points added to their score to "normalize" the test. This was also done for hispanics. Now, if a white person and a black person both scored 80% on a test, the white person would be credited with an 80%, and the black person would be credited with a 95%.
4- It gave us forced busing- No one was happy with this. Kids were forced to ride buses for up to four or five hours just to get to school and back home.
5- It gave us the "race industry". I read an article by Shelby Steele who is an African American professor and a fellow of the Hoover Institute that said that during the civil rights movement he saw certain people aligned with the movement who were moving towards creating a business out of race based civil rights. We see those people today. People who have every reason to perpetuate racial tensions because if somehow, by miracle or other means. there was nothing for them to complain about, they would be homeless because this is the only way they know to remain wealthy.
6- It gave us a Federal government with an unlimited power to tax and spend and an ever growing voting block, dependent on them, to keep them in power. You see, minorities alone were not enough to do this. They needed to expand dependency in order to solidify power. Today close to 35% of our population is dependent on government and 65% are getting some kind of booty from the fed. And this is the kicker. Just under 50% of the population pay no income tax. So you have 50% of the population flipping the bill for the other 50%. Folks, this is unsustainable. It can't last. In 1965 25% of the federal budget went to entitlement spending. Today it is 65%. Much of which is borrowed money. This has created a 13 trillion dollar national debt which is going up by the billions every day. Someday we will all suffer for this.
In conclusion, I despise discrimination. I thank God for the civil rights movement. But giving the federal government, which is historically the most corrupt class of people in our country (They make corrupt bankers and wall street financiers look like boy scouts) this kind of unlimited power, I believe, will turn out to be trading discrimination for eventual tyranny from which nobody will be immune.

This is Bob "Paul Revere" Skillman reminding you, THE RED COATS ARE COMING!


Freedom's Voice said...

Welcome back Paul Revere! We have missed you! Thank you for articulating so well the problems that have stemmed from the Civil Rights Act. It is hard to think that such an important act that helped us so much in the beginning could now be hurting us and keeping us down. I hope that people come to the realization that this is not a racial issue as much as it is a human issue. Like I said in my post, Rand Paul may not survive as a political candidate but if his remarks have made us seriously consider these issues then maybe his candidacy will have served a far greater purpose.

paul revere said...

I was wondering if anyone would get it or if I would be called a racist for my opinion. Once again what it's about is the federal government using a noble cause for their own gains, and hurting people while doing so.