Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Islam's Nowhere Men

What a terrible dilemma.  These guys have been raised and trained to hate the US and the West, but they live in the US and enjoy all the benefits.  Click on the title to read the article.  No doubt the media will try to spin this into a "we-need-to-feel-sorry-for-these-guys-because-they-are-confused-so-we-need-to-reach-out-to-them-so-they-won't-hurt-us" story.  But what we should be feeling now is anger at a horrible totalitarian system masquerading as a "religion" that has hijacked entire nations and is now threatening ours.  We need to wake up to the stone cold fact that the enemy exists and is here within our gates.  When I last read the Constitution the second amendment did not extend to totalitarian regimes.  We need to start looking at Islam as a system of government rather than a religion and revoke all second amendment rights.  We need to stop allowing mosques and schools directly funded by Muslim groups and nations to be built in our communities. We need to be vigilant concerning the influence Muslims are gaining public schools, colleges and universities.  If we have communities full of activists we can stand up to Islam.  There is strength in numbers.  No amount of political posturing, apologizing and reaching out will change this enemy's mind about us.  If our government won't stand up for us we must stand up for ourselves.  If you would like to be an activist go to  It is an excellent community resource in the fight against Islam.

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