Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010: The Disaster You May Not Have Heard About |

Nashville Flood 2010: The Disaster You May Not Have Heard About Click on the title to read the article and be sure to click on the video to see an incredible display of pictures of the flood. I think you will agree that the media hasn't even begun to capture the magnitude of this event. The Nashville area got 14 inches of rain culminating in what has been called a 500 year flood. The stories are only beginning to emerge not only about the horrors of the flood but also about the charity, heroism and resilience of Nashville residents. Truly Nashville is an example of the American can-do spirit.  The article contains a list of places where you can contribute to relief efforts and I will post more as I find them. Most of all Nashville wants you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

By the way Nashville wasn't the only area that got hit hard with flooding.  Towns and communities across the Mid South area--Arkansas, Middle TN, KY--got hit with tornado damage as well as flooding.  Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we help each other recover.

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starr2307 said...

As a middle TN resident (Ft Campbell/Clarksville area) it was shocking to watch what was happening on the news while I was away for training. I appreciate you spreading the word about the relief efforts in the area and encouraging people to help.

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