Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feminists and Franklin Graham

Click on the title to read an excellent article by Danielle Avel, a self-described modern feminist and gay activist.  Although she doesn't agree with Mr. Graham on many things she admires him for speaking the truth about how women are treated under Islam.  She questions why feminist groups remain silent on this issue, and she further questions why Iran is now on the UN Commission on Women.  Hers is the first feminist voice I have heard to speak up about this outrage.  I certainly hope I hear more.  I also hope I hear more from women's groups, religious and otherwise, and I seriously hope our UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, arises from her politically correct coma and starts speaking up.  

I agree with Ms Avel when she says that Franklin Graham was disinvited from the Pentagon because he told the truth about Islam, not because he attacked Islam.  He has worked and traveled extensively in the Middle East and has seen first hand how women are treated.  He did not speak from some ivory tower, he spoke from experience.  No wonder groups like CAIR view him as a threat.  He is working to expose the truth about this so-called religion of Islam. 

Make no mistake any religion that subjugates one group under another, or makes one group less than human, is a not a religion at all but a sadistic legalistic system of control.  In Islam, women are considered lesser beings, period, no matter what the culture.  Some cultures are even worse than the Middle East for their treatment of women.  Women everywhere need to rise up in defense of their sisters who cannot speak for themselves.  We need to stand up against such tyranny or we may be forced to accept a lower status if Islam gains control of this country.  It has been said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its women and children.  If we as a nation are to remain the light to the world, the beacon on the hill, we must ensure respectful and equal treatment of women.

So by now you are probably asking what you can do to fight this?  Write to UN Ambassador Rice today and demand Iran be taken off the Women's Commission.    Learn as much as you can about Islam and its treatment of women and "infidels."  Join organizations like Act for America and learn about how Islam is influencing your local community and schools.  Write letters to the editor of your local paper.  Engage people in conversation about these issues. Explain that you are not attacking anything or anyone but you are telling the truth about what you know.  Write to your senators and congressmen asking them to support legislation that preserves our values and defeats the growing Islamic influence.  Tell them to refrain from political correctness that will only destroy us in the end. 

Above all, examine your heart and mind ,know what you believe, and step out in faith and love.  We have a message to get out to a fallen world.  Because Islam is a "religion" of power and control it can be very appealing to those who otherwise have no control.  We must expose this for the lie that it is and work to free people from it's influence.   We must act now, before it is too late.

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