Friday, May 28, 2010

Doctors Reverse Ruling On Female Circumcision

The American Academy of Pediatrics has reversed its ruling on support of female circumcision thanks to a "firestorm" of criticism.  Click on the title for details.  Thank heaven the AAP came to its senses on this issue!  While I am grateful I still feel like this was a very close call.  This demonstrates the need for health care professionals to be vigilant and proactive concerning ethical policies that deal with immigrant populations.  We as health care providers need to stand up against bone headed decisions such as this and not just blindly accept what ever our professional organizations produce in the name of cultural sensitivity and political correctness.  We also need to stand up against patient pressure, and be fearless in our education and outreach.  It may not make us popular or rich but we must do the right thing for both our patients and our consciences. 

This also demonstrates that an organized campaign of letters, phone calls, emails, newspaper articles, blog posts, etc CAN make a difference and bring about change!  Kudos to all who pulled together to make this change happen!

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