Saturday, May 29, 2010


On this Memorial Day weekend I would like to show my appreciation to all those who have served and died. But first I would like to tell you who I am.
I was born out of hardship. I fought against those who were abusive to me. Out of this fight, in victory, I became something great. I have made mistakes, but the good I have done is overwhelming. I have shed blood for people I have never met. I have taken people into my house who were abused and mistreated in their own house. I have been overwhelmingly charitable, even to those who have berated and demeaned me. I have come to the aid of many who were strangers to me when no one else would. Once liberated from those who abused me I built a foundation in the word of the God of Israel and his Son Jesus. During times when I should have been killed, "He" has come to beat back my enemies. I am honorable, trustworthy, and the wisest of all. I have compassion and empathy for those who are less fortunate.
Now, I am tired. There are some in my own house that seek to destroy me and all the foundations that made me what I am. Those who stand by my side, fight against them. It has been a continual assault. I am getting weak, but my heart is strong, as is the heart of those who stand with me.
But it is alway's when I feel like this, that "He" comes to give me strength. A strength that my enemies from within my house and outside can not equal. In the end I will be victorious because of the very foundations they seek to destroy. I say to those who are worried about me, fear not, for if God stands with me, who can stand against me. I thank, with all my heart, all those who have fought for the things I stand for. God will bless them greatly. So, who am I?

This is Bob "Paul Revere" Skillman GOD BLESS US ALL

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Freedom's Voice said...

Great post! We need to always remember those who paid the ultimate price standing for freedom, and in remembering renew our resolve to stand for America and the freedom and prosperity she still holds for the world today.

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