Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is It Time To Kill Off The DNI?

Is It Time To Kill Off The DNI? The title is misleading. The authors don't mean to really kill the DNI! Or rather I should say, the former DNI. The blog author and the commentators debate the reasons why Dennis Blair resigned/was fired/was asked to resign as well as whether or not to keep the office of the DNI. Among other things they debate whether or not the office of the DNI is too broad in scope for effectiveness. This is the heart of the issue and it needs to be addressed and resolved before anyone else is appointed. Otherwise the same problems with continue. Click on the title to read the full blog post and comments. The commentators are all experts in the field of national security so it is worth taking the time to read all of their remarks. My brother sent me this article and as usual he has chosen well.

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