Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Napolitano Hasn't Read the Law Either!

First Eric Holder, now Janet Napolitano.  Click on the title to hear Janet Napolitano say she hasn't read the Arizona law.  Although she has not read the law, she has rendered the verdict that it is a bad law and she would never sign it herself.  Without reading it.  Without having a clue what is in it.  What's up with our leaders not reading the bills and laws they either produce or are expected to  sign?????  Here's what's up.  Our leaders don't believe they have to read anything or know anything to make decisions.  They think the American people won't know the difference because we have no clue what they are supposed to be doing in the first place.  Unfortunately we have allowed them to get away with this kind of thinking for a long time so it really shouldn't surprise us when leaders such as Napolitano say dumb things.  The only way to change this mindset is for the American people to learn the business of government, to learn about the responsibilities of our appointed and elected representatives and leaders.  It is time we held them responsible and accountable for their job performance.  The biggest reason the government is in such a mess right now is that We The People have let our leaders go their own way with little oversight.  For example, little oversight and poor accountability created an environment where Congress developed a lot of their voting procedures, traditions, backroom deals, pork projects, and power grabs--a "culture of corruption" as Michelle Malkin would put it.  We are now reaping a the bitter harvest of our failure as a people to take charge of our government.  Can we reverse it?  I think so and I pray so.  The first thing is to believe that we CAN and SHOULD take charge, and we can affirm this through reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We are smart enough to do this and we have a responsibility to do it.  Secondly, we must educate ourselves by studying our founding fathers.  Then we need to learn about executive, legislative and judicial roles and responsibilities so that we can let our leaders know WE KNOW what they are supposed to be doing and that there will be consequences if they do not perform well.  We The People need to lay out our expectations for our leaders--honesty, accountability, intimate knowledge of the issues, requirements to read thoroughly all bills before voting on them or signing them, among other things.  If we start with these things we can make a huge difference.  How much of a difference, time will tell.  The next two elections will be our bell wether.  In the meantime let's get busy and get educated.  It's now or never!

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