Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Fellow Muslims, We Must Wake Up!

Click on the title to read an excellent article by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser calling for American-Muslims and all Americans to stand against radical Islam.  I only wish he and other Muslims would have taken this stand in 2001 and many other times since then.  Their silence on the subject of jihad has been troubling and created many problems.  Let's hope more Muslims have the courage to speak out so that we can work together to defeat radical Islam.

I do take issue with a couple of things in this article.  First of all, radical Islam IS the true Islam, as practiced during the days of Mohammed.  Muslims would have us believe there are two types, Islam and radical Islam.  Secondly, the Koran does not teach love and peace; instead it teaches the most extreme intolerance of Muslims who do not follow the tenets of Islam as well as non-Muslims.  Muslims who profess to want to live in love and peace most likely are looking for far more than Islam can offer them.  Perhaps they should have a look at Jesus.  Just a thought.

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trumpetgirl said...

It is heartening to know that many Muslims are converting to Christianty, even in the face of ostracism, arrest and even death. It shows that many see that Bible is actually what they want to believe and follow, not the Koran.
Fear based agenda pushing is always based on a lie and lies are eventually always exposed. We are seeing evidence of this now.