Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Will Be Paying For Abortions

This just in from Republican Minority Leader John Boehner's blog--the current bill does indeed require us to pay for abortions. This plus the fact that the bill will saddle us with unbelievable taxes in the middle of a recession with a 10.2% unemployment rate makes this a truly unholy alliance. The whole bill is a pile of trash that must be defeated, never to return. Please don't operate any longer under the delusion that this bill is patient centered and will actually help those who need it. Take the time to read it and you will see very clearly that it won't. Please contact your Senators and insist that they defeat this bill. Take a stand. Send petitions, emails and faxes every day. Do anything you can to get their attention. Above all pray hard for the Senators who are standing strong against this bill and for those misguided souls who honestly think they are doing the right thing by voting for it. Pray that light and wisdom come to all in the final hours of dabate. Pray for our country that we may seek His wisdom rather than our own.

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