Saturday, November 28, 2009

Teaching Plan: America 'An Oppressive Hell Hole'

Well if this doesn't get you good and ticked off nothing will! If you are in college, or have kids in college you will not want to miss reading this article. You may want to see if this program is coming to your institution! Just when I think I have heard it all something else totally outrageous comes along! I don't even want to ask what's next because I don't want to know! But even as I say this I know that this is really nothing that new. We have been seeing progressive liberalism growing more and more in our school systems for the last 30 years. My sister was looking at one of her daughter's college textbooks recently and was horrified at some of the extremely liberal ideas it contained. Her daughter told her that she didn't agree with any of the ideas but she pretended like she did just so she could get good grades and graduate. If she did otherwise she would flunk. So how is it an education if that's how both teachers and students are approaching learning? And what about those who are being thoroughly indoctrinated without being exposed to the other side? A proper education is the objective analytical exposure to all viewpoints so that the student can make informed choices and decisions. Colleges and universities that abandon this approach are doing their faculty and students a disservice.

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