Sunday, November 8, 2009

Conspiracy or not? 2nd American revolution?

I read an article about the growth of State militias today. There was a quote by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It basically said that the growing State militia movement, was in large part do to crazy conspiracy theories of a Marxist take over of our Government and a movement towards a One World Government. Now, I have an extensive education. I went all the way through the 11th grade. Well, half way through. But I know all my guzzinta's all the way up to 10. I'll prove it. 1 guzzinta 1 once, 1 guzzinta 2 twice, do I need to go on? I don't think so. Anyway, my intellectual curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to do some research on this subject.
Now, we all know that these militias are just a bunch of racists who go around yelling about the South rising again and all that, right? Wrong! The first thing I noticed when I typed State Militias into google was that most of these sights today, have nothing to do with race. In fact, one of them, in the very first paragraph said, "All races, all cultures, all Religions, all American".
Now, I will admit their agendas sounded dangerous. I mean, they were saying things like, "traditional American values, small government, state rights, liberty, freedom". They actually had the nerve to mention the Constitution. My God, they sound like so many radical terrorists of the past, you know, guy's like Samuel Adams, John Adams, James madison, Ben Franklin, and the worst of them all, George Washington. Imagine that. Their mission statement is to, " Keep our country from ever falling into a dictatorship". Oh my God, fight against a dictatorship, who would want to do that? Oh yeah, those guys I mentioned above. Heaven's to Betsey, I forgot about them.
O.k, now that we have established that all these militias are nothing but radical, racist, revolutionaries, like those other guy's in the past, let's check out the claim about crazy conspiracy theories.
Certainly our President and our House of Reprehensibles, oop's, sorry, I meant representatives. Anyway, they certainly aren't trying to turn our country into a Marxist system of government. I mean, a Marxist system of government controls the means of production and distribution of business. Oh, wait a minute, they did take over General Motors, banks, the mortgage industry, and the credit industry. But, thats not all industry. Now let's see, they did say they have the power to take over any business they deem "to big to fail" if they FEEL it has become "not viable". But a Marxist government controls wages, don't they? Well, our government has legislated a minimum wage and capped the salaries of people in the banking and financial industries. And there is that pesty crap and tax, opps, my bad, I mean cap and trade legislation they are trying to pass. That would give them control over distribution and production over everything else, wouldn't it? And there is that nasty National Health Care legislation that would take over around 16% of our economy. O.k, but in a Marxist system of government they would control the media and freedom of speech, right?. Now that can't be happening, can it? O.k, there is the fairness doctrine which would put talk radio out of business, and they are discussing the power to regulate the airwaves and the internet, and they are going forward with "hate speech" legislation, which would effect what we can say. Well, in a marxist society the government would own all the land, wouldn't they? Then, there is the fact that the government owns 90% of all the new mortgages for home buyer's, and they are declaring more and more land to be federal land. O.k, it looks bad, but no Marxist government would allow the right to private ownership of guns as given us in the second amendment, would they? Well, the democrats in Congress currently have numerous bills pending that severely restrict the ability of a law abiding citizen to own fire arms. Besides the tests, the invasion of privacy and the heavy taxes that would be required to own a gun, they will heavily restrict what kind of fire arms would be legal and illegal, and Congresswoman Diane Feinstien was quoted as having said, " We are waiting till after the 2010 elections because we don't want 52 blue dog democrats to lose their seats as they did under Bill Clinton. After that we will go full force to legislate a federal gun registry and a federal no carry law". This would mean that the federal government would know where every LEGAL gun in the nation is, and that no one would be able to carry a gun outside of their house. Well, wait a minute, we would still have the right to own fire arms, right? Well, here is the rest of her statement. " Our eventual goal is the ban of all privately owned fire arms". O.k, so the militias, the teabaggers, libertarians and Conservatives might be right about the government going all " Karl Marx" on us, but they are certainly wacko when it comes to this "One World Government" thing, right? Well, there is that U.N agreement which would "outlaw hate speech" which Barrack Obama is in favor of. But wait a minute. There's nothing in there that mentions a one world government, even though the international court would have the power to convict and punish anyone, from any country, they believe committed the "crime" of hate speech. Well, let's take a look at the Copenhagen environmental agreement, which our White House Resident, oop's, there I go again. I mean White House President, Barrack Obama favors. This agreement calls for a "world governing body", ( There's that world government thing), which would have the power to control and tax all business and commerce around the world. In fact, the U.S, under this agreement would be required to pay an "adaptation tax" to 3rd world countries. Sounds to me like we are about to give up our national sovereignty.
There is a recognized pattern of the rise and fall of all Democracies that have existed in recorded history. Here it is:
1- They start in bondage, as we did.
2-They have a spiritual awakening which gives people courage, and they fight for liberty, which we did.
3-They become prosperous and gain a high standard of living, which we did.
4-They became complacent, believing that their country could never fall to dictatorship. Sound like anyone you know?
5-They became apathetic, no longer paying attention to what their governing body was doing, and were easily swayed by populist propaganda. They no longer cared about the principles that created their prosperity and gave them their freedoms, as we have. A perfect example of this is a recent interview of a Congressman with Judge Napolitano. When asked by Napolitano where the Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to create a national health care program, he replied, " There's nothing in the Constitution that gives us this power, but most of the things we do have nothing to do with the Constitution".
6-The next step is dependency. With 35% of our population depending on, and demanding government handouts, and 60% of our population receiving some king of goodies from the federal government, and 45% of our population not paying any income tax, we are surely at this point.
7-Civil unrest. You can clearly see that we are at this point. With half the country protesting against government take over's, and half the country demanding big government, we have a dangerous divide in our country. Wait a minute, wasn't Obama supposed to bring us together?
8-When civil unrest threatens the political agendas of the countries leaders, for the "safety of all citizens and the security of the nation" the government sends in the military and the police to squash the protests, and guess what, we are back to........
There are clearly certain things that caused the fall of all democracies. In my opinion these are those things.
1-Loss of common culture
2-Loss of a common language
3-Loss of common morals
4-Inability to protect borders
5-Fiscal irresponsibility by the senate or other leaders
We are suffering all of these things.
Our Founders risked everything, and Patriots shed their blood, all to free us from an over controlling, over regulating, over taxing government. I believe if they were alive today, they would be loading their muskets, just as they did back then.
So, as far as crazy conspiracy theories, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's NOT AN EAGLE. To anyone who is intellectually honest, it is obvious what is happening to our country. If you don't like it, it's time to make your voices heard. If our country goes the way of all other Democracies in recorded history, I advise all who backed these government policies, and especially all those politicians who pushed these policies through, to move to one of those liberal States like New York, California, Massachusetts, you know what I'm talking about, because when the fall comes, you will find it very uncomfortable living around the real folks. We will not forget who you are!!!

This is Paul Revere reminding you, 'THE RED COATS ARE COMING"


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again Paul Revere! We missed you! I really liked the way you took us step by step throught the rise and fall of democracies. You are so right about if it looks like a duck, quakes like a duck, it IS a duck!!! It is time for all Americans to wake up, smell the coffee and get a grip on what is happening to our country! Now that Obama/Pelosi care has been bribed into play--oops I mean voted on by the House we really need to get down to business. We are closer now than ever before to becoming a Marxist state. If it happens it will be a long time before we can ever come back if at all.

Freedom's Voice

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Paul!