Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama Stands with Dictators and Muslims

Obama Stands with Dictators and Muslims Read this article and, if you saw him speak at the Ft Hood memorial service today, tell me if you think that speech was the real Obama. He said all the right words. I hope he meant them. But when I read things like this I wonder. All I know is the troops need to have faith in their Commander-In-Chief. I hope he turns from his current path and starts putting American interests and his troops interest first. Our survival depends upon it.


Anonymous said...

Yes he said all the right things. The speech was quite poignanat. I agree, I hope he wrote it and really means it. Too many of his previous actions and words do not line up with this speech. I feel like I'm on a ship with the glue, the nuts and bolts slowly coming apart, the ship in perilous danger of disintegrating before we even know what's happening. Somehow this speech, as beautiful as it was, seems to be another one of those smoke and mirrors tactics to get everyone to believe he has the nation's best interests at heart while he subversively destroys democracy around the world. Trumpet girl

Anonymous said...

On Studio B with Shepard Smith, Shep commented that unless Obama has his teleprompters and his speech writers, he seroiuskly stumbles. What was all the preamble about the native Americans before he "brought to mind' the tragety of the moment, the reason he was at Ft. Hood to begin with? Can you imagine what a field day the media would have had if Bush opened up with "By the way, I need you all to go for my stand on illegal immigration" as a preamble to a national disaster? Obama is so inexperienced its not funny. I dread having our fate as a nation in the hands of such an indecisive, naive big boy wannabe. The world leaders see him as weak, not even a paper tiger, a paper kitten. With all the military power and intelligence we have, it is shameful to have it go to waste in the hands of such an obamanation. trumpet girl

Anonymous said...

apologies for the typos: Seriously and tragedy is what i meant ... thanks