Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama’s Boss Demands Show Trials#When:12:06:48Z

Obama’s Boss Demands Show Trials#When:12:06:48Z

Well well well...finally I am seeing in print what I have known for so long. The press is finally saying that George Soros is Obama's real boss and the real power behind the throne! True, it is the Canadian Free Press but maybe our media will start catching on as well. George Soros does indeed want to change how the world perceives America--for the worst! He has a world view and it would serve him greatly if America was subject to the world. So far everything seems to be going as planned with Copenhagen coming up, talk of world money, etc. Who would have thought this even ten years ago?

We the American people have a choice. Do we let George Soros and his ilk call the shots or do we fight back? It is time to take a stand!

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