Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Not a Social Reformer I'm Here to Preach the Gospel

Click on the title to read a thought provoking article that challenges us to think about how we approach missionary work overseas. I think it also challenges us to think about how we spread the Gospel here at home too. Are we just supposed to tell people about Jesus? Or do we go further and show people how Jesus can change their lives? At what point do we cross the culturally correct boundary and challenge people to think differently about their lives? Can we be respectful of other cultures and spread the gospel at the same time?

It seems to me that the missionary in this article had found his comfort zone. How much more of a difference he would make if he would step out in faith, establish real relationships with people, and share his story about how Jesus changed his life. I think he could do this and still be respectful of the culture. If you are reading this please let me hear from you. Is this missionary appropriate in his approach? Or should he come out of his comfort zone and boldly proclaim his message?


Anonymous said...

This is an example of what's going on in our country. People are actually apologizing for being free to express their beliefs, for making money, for pursuing their interests. Even our own military is becoming sickeningly weak by being PC. America has become overly attentive to not offending anyone else because we have and they do not. This is ridiculous. We have because we earn it, it wasn't handed out to us. Our country system allows for each person, regardless of station or race or class, to achieve whatever they want, as long as we put in the work. No one above us dictates what we can or cannot have or do. At least until now. Obama and his cronies are stridently working to abolish small business and level the working class into the proletariat, subject to the dictates of the elite. They are attacking the country's finances, healthcare, education. The innocent victims here are the elderly, the children and the uneducated. According to the bible, these are the ones who need our attention and help. Yet with this administration, under the guise of helping, they are actually destroying the lives of our elderly and our children. I just can't figure how Obama and his crew see their actions as a good descisions in the long term for their own children and grandchildren. Their immediate gratification is a given but their kids are going to have to foot the bill and the repercussions of their fateful policies. Mind Blowing!How selfish and short sighted can one be?!?

Anonymous said...

Fear of speaking the Truth is the downfall of so many, including preachers. Softening white lies and fudging corners leads to greater misleading information, pulling away from true knowledge and wisdom. It is a downfall when people rely upon their own understanding and do not acknowledge the power and presence of God. trumpet girl