Saturday, November 28, 2009


For those of you over 30, you may remember that this is the title of a song by one of the (if not the greatest) rock bands to ever grace the face of the earth, LED ZEPPELIN.
Many of us are becoming activists in our fight against the obvious, the movement of our country towards Marxism. Some of us go to tea parties, some of us write books, others are broadcasting to millions of people over airwaves, others confronting our representatives in town hall meetings, and some, finally, just speaking when the time is appropriate instead of remaining silent. This is a good thing. It is something that should have been done years ago, but most people were not paying attention or didn't care.
The Founding Fathers gave us every protection they possibly could, and then said, " Now you need to stay informed and protect this document ( The Constitution) that we have provided you with." Let's take a look at some of the protections the Founders left for us:
They were historians. They knew that certain powers over certain areas of our society were needed for any central government to become oppressive, so they gave us a Constitution, the law of the land, that gave only specific and limited powers to the Federal Government.
They broke the federal government up into 3 branches so that each one could be a check on the other 2.
They gave us the bill of rights which outlines our individual rights, and the most important check on the federal government, the 10th amendment which states:
The powers not given to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
They gave the federal government specific rules on taxation which had a natural security against government abuse of this power. They called for either a direct tax or an indirect tax. An indirect tax would be a tax on items which would be bought, but not to include items which were needed. For example, we need food, so food would not be taxed. In other words an indirect tax would be a tax that could be avoided. The security against abusive taxation in this case would be that if it were taxed to high, people would not buy the item and revenues to the treasury would decrease. A direct tax is a tax that can not be avoided, like the income tax. The Constitution calls for all direct taxes to be apportioned among the States. One example of this is that EVERYONE would pay 10% on their income. The security against abusive taxation here is that if taxes were to high, lower income people couldn't pay them. The Founders certainly would have immediately dismissed the idea of a progressive tax system because it completely opens us up to abusive taxes. In fact, it has already. For example, the top 1% of wage earners pay over 40% of the total revenues to the treasury, while 40% of our population pays no federal income tax, yet receives most of the benefits provided by taxes. In fact at this point there is no limit to what the fed can tax, or how much they can tax. There is no provision in the Constitution for one person to be taxed in order to give that money to another person.
We have become, as a nation, exactly what our fore fathers shed their blood to liberate us from. Our Founding Fathers set up the most perfect system of government 'humanly' possible. All we had to do was understand it, and hold our Governments feet to the fire. For the last century, we have failed to do this. Each of us as an individual is responsible. So keep up the good fight. If we move in mass they can not resist us. But when thinking to yourself, " How did we get here", remember Led Zeppelin, It's nobody's fault but mine.

This is Paul Revere reminding you, "THE RED COATS ARE COMING"

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