Friday, November 12, 2010

TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors

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TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors More TSA "nuke or grope" stories. This article contains some great websites and resources where people can share stories and get educated on how to stand up to this. I have said before I am all for reasonable security measures that have been proven to work. As a former Air Force flight nurse I more than understand the need for tight security when flying. But these measures are bordering on legalized assault. I avoid flying as much as possible these days. But if I have to fly I am going for the "nuke" option. The thought of strangers having the legal authority to touch me in ways that I wouldn't allow under normal circumstances is just too much for me. Things just might get very ugly, and I want to get to my destination on time. Sad state of affairs isn't it, to have to choose between having naked pictures taken of me or getting my privates squeezed. Hmmm...maybe I will just drive from now on. Even if the government takes naked pictures of me from a satellite, at least no one is putting their hands on me. For now.

By the way the TSA in an article below says there is no checkpoint groping, that TSA officials are carrying out procedures they were trained to perform.  If that is the case then where are all these reports coming from?  And just what are they training the TSA to do??  By the way, they call it an "enhanced pat down."  Just another way of saying "I have permission to touch you whether you want me to or not," if you ask me.
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