Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Internet Censorship

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Comments: EDITORIAL: Democratic Internet censorship - Washington Times Yet another attack on the first amendment! If this legislation goes through this blog and others like it could be shut down with no warning. The feds wouldn't even have to give a reason. So I am writing and posting as much as I can as fast as I can because time is running out for free speech on the internet. Just a few short years ago, this would have been a non-issue. With it's passage by the Senate Judiciary Commitee however, legislation to regulate the internet and free speech is fast becoming a reality. Hopefully this will not pass in the lame duck congress and if it does hopefully it can be reversed somehow when Congress reconvenes in January. Bear in mind though that even if we can stop this now, the other side will continue their efforts to try to regulate free speech. Don't forget we have a powerful regulatory force in place now that doesn't answer to Congress. We can get rid of them hopefully in 2012 but if we can't then we are stuck with them and the damage they will inflict for the duration. We must stay awake, alert and we MUST KEEP FIGHTING no matter how exhausting and futile it seems at time. The stakes are high and are going even higher because our freedoms are being assaulted on not one but several fronts as we have seen with the TSA debacle. The key is to remain calm and stay focused on the goal of protecting our freedom. Without freedom we have nothing. In the meantime please take some time today and contact your senators and congressmen to tell them to stand against every piece of legislation the lame duck congress is trying to ram through. That is a good first step.
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