Saturday, November 27, 2010

The History Channel Sucks as History | Israel Right Side News

The History Channel Sucks as History Israel Right Side News I have long suspected that the History Channel exists to entertain more than to educate. It looks like there is someone else who agrees with me! Check out Ted Belman's thoughts on a recent History Channel article about the 1949 UN Partition of Israel and Palestine. Anyone who has ever studied history knows that it is just as much subjective as objective at times. It is one thing to state facts correctly and interpret them towards a particular bias. It is quite another to slightly alter or change facts completely to support a point of view! The History Channel has some good programs but it is just one source of information. Always go to multiple sources when studying a historical event. You will be amazed at the different points of view that surrounds most events. You know you are getting closer to the truth when multiple sources agree. You will also be quicker to spot erroneous information if you look at many sources. If the History Channel is your only source of historical information, you are getting only one, probably very biased viewpoint. Beware! And go to the library!

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