Friday, April 23, 2010

Senator Corker Versus Tea Party Activists

Click on the title to see the video of one of Senator Corker's aides allegedly calling Tea Party activists "sad" and "creepy." Gotta admit I didn't see this coming. It is definitely not a reaction I would have expected from Corkers office. However, when I called Senator Corker's DC office about this issue I did not get the cheerful response I have gotten in the past so there has been a definite change in atmosphere. I guess maybe Corker's office might see it as a kind of a catch-22, damned if you do damned if you don't situation. We screamed for bipartisanship during the health care debates. Now it seems as though we are screaming against bipartisanship when we take on Senator Corker for working with Senator Shumer on financial reform. I believe the reason why it seems this way is that there has been very litte debate allowed on this subject, leading us to believe that the Senate leadership will use reconciliation again to push financial reform and other controversial issues through. We know that if there is an effort at bipartisanship now it may fail due to the balance of power in both legislative houses. The feeling is that if we can get Senator Corker to wait until after the elections we may have a much better chance at a truly bipartisan bill. We aren't saying there is no need for reform. We are saying that we need a true bipartisan effort on this and all issues. So the question is, is Senator Corker really a RINO or is he trying to stave off another legislative debacle by injecting as much bipartisanship as he can under very difficult circumstances? I am not sure we know the answer to this and we may regret throwing a senator with a decent conservative voting record under the bus at this point in time. Remember it was his staff member that made these remarks in the video not Senator Corker himself. If I were Senator Corker I would be having a serious chat with that guy right about now. In this day of citizen journalism, you are plenty stupid if you don't watch what you say in front of a camera.

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