Friday, April 2, 2010

KUHNER: Christophobia - Washington Times

KUHNER: Christophobia - Washington Times A great article describing the "fashionable hatred" against Christianity. Organized Christianity may be taking a hit due to secular influences but TV evangelists seem to be faring quite well. Perhaps this is because they haven't allowed their message to be watered down. Christianity is not so much a religion as it is a relationship--a relationship with God through belief in His Son Jesus Christ who loved us so much that He gave His life that we might live. No matter what other influences are out there the love of Christ, manifested through His sacrifice, can penetrate and overcome them all. During this Holy Week why not take the time to reflect on His love and sacrifice? By the way, this so called "fashionable" hatred of Christianity has been around since Christ died some 2000 years ago. What we are seeing now is a huge escalation, something which Jesus predicted would happen. He specifically told us the world would hate us because of Him. I encourage you to read all four Gospels especially the chapters leading up to His death and crucifixion on the cross. He was very specific about what would happen in the last days and he described the type of hatred His followers would experience. But He also assured us He would be with us and promised life everlasting for those who believed. When you read this article, lift up those who would hate Christ and pray for a revival, for our nation to turn back to God. Above all put your hope in Jesus. He is the one who will be left standing when all human endeavors, including organized religion, fall away.

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