Friday, April 30, 2010

Jews in America Are Waking Up!

Well finally the reality is sinking in! Not only has America been a sleeping giant, but Israel, and all her children, is another sleeping giant that is being poked and prodded. For some time the Jews have been warned of Obama's antithesis towards Jewish interests, but they voted for him anyway to prove somehow their antiracism.. go figure. By trying to do what they thought was right, they got kicked in the butt. Wake up call!!

Well now it is Obama's turn. Obama has lost almost 50% of the American Jewish vote based on his treatment of Israel and his Palestinian - Arab interests, not to mention his debunking of national missile defense leaving not only Israel but America herself completely vulnerable. Click onto the title of this article to read about the stunning turnaround by Ronald Kessler.
So now that he's lost the Jewish vote, it's no wonder Obama wants the borders to be flooded so that he has illegals who can vote for him! (Does this remind anyone of JFK selling whiskey for votes in W.Va.?) Whole 'nother story....

I know Israel will be strong and stand because of the promise made by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But America?? I believe only those who stand with and by Israel will prevail, in America or anywhere else in the world. America as a nation is due for a major separation, between those who support Israel and those that don't.
Batten down the hatches, we are in for the "fundamental change" of a lifetime!!

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Freedom's Voice said...

It will be interesting to see if this new found awareness will translate into votes in 2010 and 2012. I am so happy to see that there is an awakening among the Jewish people and am only sorry that they didn't catch on in 2008. As goes Israel, so goes America...and the rest of the world.

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