Monday, April 5, 2010

According to Michelle, Barack's Home Country Is Kenya

OOOPS! Did anyone else catch it when she spoke of them getting publicly tested for HIV in "his home country of Kenya?" I am not a fervent birther but it is time for Obama to come clean about his citizenship. I for one hope he is an American citizen because his name is all over my military retirement papers. If he is not legally president, those orders could be revoked! Ha! Not likely, but not amusing to think about either!

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trumpetgirl said...

Priceless! Jay Leno asked "What's the difference between Obama and his dog Bo?" Answer "Bo has papers!"
He is a liar. I hope and pray his lies will be uncovered soon.
I also hope your retirement will not be revoked.Let's pray for a new good president come into office to re-sign your papers.