Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Court to Hear Arguments on Campus Christian Group

A campus Christian group called the Christian Legal Society has been denied funding and status as a campus group because voting members are required to be Christians and to not engage in sinful lifestyle practices. Click on the title to read the details. The Supreme Court is to hear this case and the decision will establish national precedence for future similar cases.

The decision not to grant funding and status for the reasons given is a direct assault on this group's First Amendment rights. You can bet that campus Muslim groups would not receive the same treatment. On the one hand I am amazed that the Supreme Court would even hear the case but on the other, it goes along with the type of persecution Christians are experiencing in all aspects of society these days. Jesus told us we would be hated by all on His account and even more so as the time of His coming drew closer. It is time for all Americans to wake up to what is happening to our freedom to worship and decide right now what we believe, who we believe in, and what we stand for. When we protect our Constitution, we also protect the Christian principles our country was founded upon. The time to decide is now. Where do you stand?

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Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting to hear what the Supreme Court has to say. If they do stand by denying funding for this Christian Group, we can be assured that the signs Christ Himself warned us about are coming to pass. You are right, we will be hated for our stand for Christ and we will be persecuted, this should come as no surprise. I have no doubt you are absolutely correct, that a Muslim Group would have carte blanche. We need to stand on the written Word of God. when it seems that the darkest days are here, we need to lift up our heads for our salvation is near. Praise God! Alleluijah! Amen! trumpetgirl