Sunday, April 18, 2010

Extramarital Sex Fuels Earthquakes Warns Iran Cleric

Ladies, put on your burkas immediately! Only YOU can prevent earthquakes!


Anonymous said...

If we had only known this sooner.

Cognisant human beings are formed and deformed by human text. Not God. As food is fuel for our bodies human text is fuel for our thoughts and subsequent actions.

Eating the 25 points of the National Socialism (Nazi party) manifesto of 1920 clearly has the same deleterious effect as eating the “The Cow” quran manifesto on non-adherants. SENIOR Iranian cleric Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi would be advised to change his misogynistic diet.

If the “dangers” of Islamic terrorism were not enough we have the attractive additional incentive (without any additional cost other than liberty and independence) of joining the motley Islamic crew to avoid being subject to grievous harm from nature as well.

Who would have thought - Cheap at half the price – with the belief the earth is flat thrown in as a non-obligatory extra.

I suppose the rumour “spending half your day bowing down to Mecca cures piles” must be true given Islam is a cure- all - it is not a complete waste of time after all.

Enabling these entities to spread their destructive text at our expense regards tax concessions and subsidies for educating children with this nonsense needs to be stopped.

Also, at least this again ‘exposes’ the absurd tenets for women having to wear the Burka and similar denigrating garb to reinforce the notion of men, me boss – inciting excitement – naughty.

“The women should have been layered in half a ton of black fabric, if she had your honor I would not have raped her” – sound plausible now I have been enlightened by our SENIOR Iranian cleric Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi.

.. and lest we forget the cattle stampedes, trains hurtling through tunnels, Swiss yodelling etc.

It is now clear why that meteorite wiped out the earth millions of years ago – a girl dinosaur neglected to adjust her palm fond correctly – devastating.

Clearly the above reinforces the reality the burka is as much a political statement as a naked woman walking in the streets to advocate public nudity as a right which should be accepted by the rest of society.

Nudism is a cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

Society in general has decided public nudism can be very confronting, inappropriate, and even regarded as obscene by some. Although nudism is often practiced in a person's home or garden, either alone or with members of the family public and in restricted venues public nudity is a behaviour which society in general have deemed should be restricted and subject to judicial penalty.

In my opinion the burka is much more of an obscenity than nudity. For where nudism seeks to expand the societal bounds and diminish prejudice the burka politically advocates a denigrating , subservient role in society for women.

The burka reinforces the notion women are not only to blame for men’s behaviour towards them in regards sexual assaults but also women’s aspirations should be necessarily be different and subservient to a man’s definition of what a woman’s life should be.

The public wearing of the burka is a categorical political act which seeks to advance the notion of the acceptance of the subservience and restriction of women’s opportunities in life relative to men which is absolutely obscene and must therefore be subject to judicial penalty.

Everything we do is political. A woman deciding to wear shorts given human history is a political statement in itself. For it can be deemed as simply a relatively freely decided fashion statement. The Burka is an antitheist of this and very much a political statement of subjugation and in no way can be regarded as a fashion statement or a modern principle. No matter how many times and subtle colourful variations get dragged down the catwalk.

trumpetgirl said...

God love ya, anonymous. If this wasn't such a travesty of thought, it would be an absolute laugh attack! How much more ridiculousness are we willing to swallow in the name of political correctness and acceptance of social diversity?
On the other hand, who knew women had such power? Did you know just by the clothes you wear or don't wear, you can command the forces of heaven and earth? Wow, I wish I knew this earlier in life....the whole world would be so different today if I just put on a burka.....

Freedom's Voice said...

Thank you for your comments anonymous and trumpetgirl! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this subject. I think we need to pray daily for all Muslims who are having the life choked out of them by this legalistic, restrictive, joyless ideology. Just think about it. Islam punishes sin by death. God and Jesus don't like sin either but they offer hope, joy and salvation. What a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom's Voice said...

And you are so right anonymous. Everything we do is political right down to fashion. But you can't take away the ominous implications of burqas, no matter how pretty you make them look. Great thoughts! Please help me get the word out about this blog so we can have more great discussions like this.