Friday, February 19, 2010

revolution; Can we avoid it?

Alot has been said about revolution in this country. There are a very small number of people in our society that, I believe, may be looking forward to some kind of armed conflict against the federal government. Reports of the growing number of militias, the increase in gun sales, the growing number of people who are frustrated and angry about the direction the country is heading, could all seem to indicate a possible problem. I've heard the liberal pundits and politicians point to these things and try to pin the radical revolutionary tag on all conservatives and libertarians, especially the tea parties. The main stream media is doing their best to connect the nut job that flew his plane into the I.R.S building in Texas to people like me. Let me make my position understood. I love God, I love my country, and I love our Constitution. Taking that into consideration, I don't know how anyone could think that I would be looking forward to killing people, and tearing my country and my Constitution apart. You have to understand that every movement will attract a small percentage of radicals. If it is a conservative, or libertarian movement, it may attract a small percentage of radicals, such as racists. This isn't because Conservatives and libertarians are racists. It's because this is where you will find people who believe the government is growing to big, and to powerful. This is where the radicals feel they can persuade people that minorities and Jews are to blame for all our problems. Why are they at a Conservative rally? Because they can hide their racist agenda in anti big government rhetoric. But they are a very, very small percentage of the movement itself, and not excepted by the movement.
On the other hand, have you ever seen a liberal demonstration. Not all Democrats are Communists, fascists or anarchists, but this is where these groups go to spread their propaganda, and their destruction of private property and violence. The good and the bad come to the same rally. I don't blame all the bombings and killing and arson done by the radicals at these demonstrations on all liberals. A small group of bad people can make the majority look bad, especially when that view is propagated by a wide spread media campaign. This is a danger to all of us because the radicals on both sides are a very small percentage of the population, but if normal people are constantly demeaned, and accused of being radicals, they will feel demeaned. They will feel like they are being over run and it will make them angry. At some point, they will feel like they have no option but to fight back in a way that can't be ignored.
Now, to answer the question. Can we avoid a revolution? Human nature is a troublesome thing. Take any other species on the planet. I'll use wolves as an example. I have watched many specials on the wolf. No matter which one I have watched, the pack always acts the same. They hunt the same, they all have the same instincts for survival. Humans on the other hand, come in different types. You can break them down into many, but I'll go with the 4 major types. There are those who relish power. They want to be in charge. They want to control, and they believe that if they can achieve control, that everything will be better. These people I call the controllers. For the common good, they will do anything they have to do to gain this control. In their minds, the end justifies the means. They believe that if they could just control everything, people would see that they were right, so, they are willing to lie, break rules, and buy support for their cause. Then there are those who want things, but want to get them the easy way. Rather than being like the wolf and hunting for their food, they want it given to them. Rather than making decisions and taking action on their own, and possibly facing the consequences of such, they would rather have someone else in charge. Someone who will say, "Go there and do this." Now it is someone else's responsibility if something goes wrong. This takes the burden of responsibility and failure away from them. These I call the dependent. Then there are the enablers. Those who are willing to work, and make decisions for themselves, but somehow feel that others are incapable of doing this for themselves. This group, in some way, finds a moral superiority in fighting for the rights of the "incapable" to be taken care of by those who seek to control at the expense of everyone else. These 3 groups will alway's work together, the result being a class of people who lose their natural survival instincts and become dependent on the controllers. The last group, is people who want things, but find satisfaction and pride in working for those things. They love the freedom of making their own decisions and failing, thus experiencing the consequences, and succeeding, and reaping the rewards. Now, success is a personal thing. For some people, if they work for someone else, and make a decent living, and can support their family, they are happy and successful. To others, if they run a profitable business, and employ people, that is their success. I see success as being happy, and self reliant.
Now here's the problem. In all of recorded history, the first 3 groups have been at odds with the last group. The controllers will always use the dependents and the enablers to assume more and more power. That power requires funding. Funding requires control. The last group, the freedom group, the group our Founding Fathers belong to, don't want to be controlled. They want the Government to do only the things that are necessary to maintain the security of the nation, so that they can be free to regulate their own lives and their own industry. It is a constant battle between the two forces in every democracy. The Controllers, who use the dependents and the enablers vs. the freedom lovers. Each and every democracy that has ever existed went through the same struggle. Every one of them has fallen to the controllers after around 200 years. The recognized pattern is that free nations start out as controlled nations, lets call it tyranny. They fight for freedom. Freedom once obtained brings prosperity. Once prosperous, the people become complacent. Then they become apathetic. Then they become dependent. Then civil unrest occurs. Then, in order to control the civil unrest, the police and military are sent in, and the people are once again in tyranny. It seems to be human nature to go through this over and over again. We never learn from history. We always think that it could never happen to us, not our country. Yet, it always does. Let me ask the pundits who are so sure that a revolution is never going to happen, what are the circumstances that you believe would justify resistance. Are there any circumstances that, in your mind, would justify fighting back? I believe we can come out of this without any violence if enough people wake up. But if they don't, would you go quietly into government control over society, abusive and confiscatory taxation, government control over means of production and distribution, religious intolerance, indoctrination of our children by government run schools, the usurpation of State powers, the collection of all power to a central government and the destruction of our Constitution. If you would not fight for these things, then what would you fight for? Many of these things have already happened. All of them have happened to a certain extent. If your answer is yes you would fight, then it is just a matter of what level of government control you are willing to except. There are many steps we must take before anyone even imagines a revolution, up to and including States declaring their sovereignty and refusing to submit to unconstitutional ideology. We are not near that last resort yet. But believe me, there is a point that people will not let the controllers go past. History proves this. And if the old saying, "history always repeats itself" is true, its not if there will ever be a revolution, the only question is when? We can only pray that we can push back human nature, learn from history, and prove that human beings are not just mongrels that eventually, always wind up destroying what our forefathers left us. I will leave you today with a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville. "Americans are so enamored with equality, that they would sooner live under the equality of servitude than the inequality of freedom". I hope he is wrong about us.

This is Paul Revere reminding you "THE RED COATS ARE COMING"

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