Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Refuse To Be Comforted

Click on the title to read an amazing article. I think it speaks to a lot of the frustration and anger many Christians feel today. I too refuse to be comforted in that I don't want to be a Christian who stands on the sidelines, clutching my Bible, and refusing to engage in any solutions to the monumental problems I see happening in the world. I don't for one minute believe that God is calling me to withdraw from the world while waiting for Him to come back. I do believe that when Jesus comes back He wants to find me carrying out His mission of love and justice. It comforts me that in the Bible Jesus has let us know the end of the story. But before the story ends He wants me to continue to do all I can to bring His message of love, hope and salvation to the world. He wants me to actively engage in the world, help others, do good works, work for justice and peace because these are things that will exercise my faith and prepare me for heaven. He wants me to trust that He will come back when the time is right and to be ready to leave with Him at any moment. My prayer is that if He does come back in my lifetime He will find me in the fields reaping His harvest.

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trumpetgirl said...

Amen Sister! Let's keep moving forward as Christian Warriors armed as it says in Ephesians 6:10- 18. We have much work to do, bringing in as many as we can in these last days.