Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Greatest Threat...Spiritual Decay

Click on the title to read an Army General's perspective on the greatest threat to our national security, that of the lack of spiritual leadership. Lt General Antwerp posits that "we are no longer a Nation under God and we are no longer led by those who understand the spiritual dimension of leadership envisioned and demonstrated by our founding fathers." He goes on to say that the military is a reflection of society and that spiritually weak societies cannot produce spiritually strong militaries. It is critical for military members to be spiritually strong to carry out their mission. Without spiritually strong leaders to guide them it is difficult, if not impossible for troops to grapple with the moral dilemmas and decisions they must make in the military.

Although Lt General Antwerp wrote his thesis in 1992, his thoughts have great bearing on what is going on in the military and in our society today. The political correctness we are witnessing in all levels of society threatens to: undermine belief in Christian principles; cripple the ability of chaplains to minister and witness to troops; decrease morale, and weaken resolve to carry out the mission. It would behoove civilian and military leaders alike to read this thesis and realize that misguided political correctness could potentially destroy our military and our country.

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