Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Don't Pull The Plug On My Baby!"

As a mom and a former neonatal intensive care nurse I cannot imagine how I would feel if I got a letter from a government health service telling me the day they intended to let my baby die. If this isn't a prime example of a "death panel" I don't know what is. Click on the title to read about Baby Isaiah, his brave parents and the government health care system that would like to let him die for his own good and the greater good. Then join the facebook group for Baby Isaiah and pray for him and his parents.

I worked in neonatal intensive care units for over 10 years. Many of the babies I took care of had little chance of survival but thanks to medical personnel who wouldn't give up and wouldn't play God, many of these babies have grown into adulthood. Some have problems, some don't. All are a source of great joy to their parents. The point is, we really have no way of knowing how some of these children will turn out. Don't these parents deserve a chance to see how much function their baby will have? Above all don't the parents and his physicians deserve to make decisions about his care without undue government interference? Do we really want to give our government the right to deprive any parent of a child?

We here in America need to realize that this is how government-run healthcare operates. While we may not have death panels per se, the amount of high risk care will definitely be rationed. Scenarios like this with Baby Isaiah will be far more commonplace. The decision to "pull the plug" would belong to the government rather than the parents and physician. We have the power right now to keep our government from going down this path. Keep up the pressure on your senators and congressmen. Tell them you don't want a government program that would allow a Baby Isaiah scenario to happen. Stop all efforts at government-run, socialized medicine now!

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