Friday, June 4, 2010

Tinseltown's War On Christianity--How Do Christians Fight Back?

Click on the title for details about how Comedy Central plans a new series featuring Jesus Christ moving to New York City.  If this series includes everything this article says it does, it will probably excel at nothing more than tastelessness, blasphemy, tackiness, vulgarity, and just plain stupidity.  That being said, while I do not dispute Comedy Central's right to free speech and artistic expression there is no doubt that it is much easier and more cowardly to disparage religions that won't fight back.  The lack of vigorous Christian response to this seems on the surface to indicate that we are turning the other cheek.  But I think it signifies something much larger, that we are at a point where we know more about Islam and other religions than  we do about Christianity, about Jesus.  Instead of passing our Christian faith to our children like our parents and grandparents did, we have raised a generation much more open to other belief systems and much less knowledgable about the faith of their forefathers.  It is no wonder that those in Hollywood are more open and ready to challenge Christianity.  They know we are much less likely to defend something we are lukewarm about at best and hostile to at worst.

It is time for us as Christians to develop a way to articulate our faith and values to others.  This is our best hope of standing against the forces of indifference and hostility.  We can start with our own stories of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.  Evangelism is most effective when we share our heartfelt experiences with others.  I think a great place to start would be with Comedy Central.  Wouldn't it be awesome if thousands of Christians slammed the producers with stories of  Jesus's real power, real redemption, awesome strength, and amazing love in our lives?  Here is a link to Comedy Central where we can share our stories and concerns.
We Christians need to realize that Jesus endured far worse than being made fun of in a TV show and HE BEAT IT ALL-hatred, loneliness, desertion, despair,unimaginable pain,even death!  He is all powerful and all loving and will be the one left standing at the end!  This is the message we need to engrave on our hearts and joyfully share with the world.  Start with Comedy Central.

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