Friday, June 25, 2010

The Case Against Kagan--Confirmation Hearings Start Monday

The confirmation hearings for Elaine Kagan will begin Monday.  If you haven't done so already, please call or email your Senators concerning this.  Click on the title to see a good article from the Washington Times outlining the reasons why she should not be confirmed.

What concerns me the most about Ms Kagan is her stance on international law as precedent to argue cases.  All of the reasons listed should give pause, but this one alone is enough to disqualify her in my book.  The Constitution is the foundation for US law, and thus should be the ONLY precedent for interpreting US law.  It is most telling that Ms Kagan, as Dean of Harvard Law School, dropped constitutional law as a requirement for graduation.  This action alone speaks volumes about her willingness and ability to interpret the law strictly according to the Constitution and it should be the biggest red flag waving from day one of the congressional confirmation hearings.  Think it will be?

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