Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shelby County Democrats Will Contest Election - WREG

Shelby County Democrats Will Contest Election - WREG It's official!  If they were so interested in integrity of the process, why didn't they get new machines in time for the 2008 election?  Or the election before that? Or the election before that?  The Democrats have had control here in Shelby County for years and  had every chance in the world to fix the system yet they did nothing about it.  Now that they have lost big time they want to cry foul and whine and scream about getting new machines and election integrity!

The only hope for election integrity is honesty on all sides and efforts to ensure the integrity of the voting process.  We here in Shelby County have been demanding new machines for years, at least ever since the 2000 elections and the dangling chad debacle.  Yet we have never purchased them.  Why?

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