Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Poll Worker in Shelby Co, TN (Memphis)

Election Day From Hell � Blue Collar Republican Republicans swept the county and local elections August 5th, even in predominately democratic areas. Shelby County TN is a blue county so this is pretty amazing. In fact it is so unusual and unprecedented that at least one Demoratic candidate is crying foul. Democratic candidate for sheriff, Randy Wade, refuses to concede and may call for an FEC investigation. Blue Collar Republican describes some electronic SNAFU's that may give fuel to an investigation. Hopefully they can get all this straightened out by the next election but otherwise I am thankful that this election went smoothly without any evidence of threat or intimidation. In fact the state of TN had it's highest turnout ever for early voting--over half a million voters! Power to the people!

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