Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Muslim Hijacking of Ground Zero | Culture Wars

The Muslim Hijacking of Ground Zero | Culture Wars This article is the best I have seen yet explaining why we should never, ever allow a mosque to be built anywhere near Ground Zero. What I do not understand is why New Yorkers haven't taken to the streets over this issue. If you don't have time to read the whole article (and you should make time) read this quote, as it sums up everything perfectly:

The common denominator is that Muslims do not just make war on lands or bodies-- but on memory itself. Their goal is to make people forget what came before their colonization. To distort the history and traditions that are meaningful to them, and replace them with a distorted Islamized version of history. The Muslim "tolerance" in Spain, the Palestinian Arab "refugees" and the Muslim "contributions" to science, are all examples of that revisionist history, in which oppression becomes tolerance, repression becomes knowledge, and the oppressors become the victims.
Ground Zero is not only the central point of the Muslim massacre of 3000 people. It is also the central point of thememory of that massacre. The area is the place where people come to remember what happened. To see, to hear and to pay tribute to the dead. Which is exactly why Muslims are determined to hijack it for their own purposes, with a highly visible mosque and their own 9/11 museum that will feature a radically altered version of history. What they are after is the equivalent of putting up a Holocaust Revisionism museum outside the Holocaust museum.
There is no legitimate reason for the Cordoba House. As I have already documented, the current mosque draws most of its worshipers from outside the area. There is no significant Muslim population in Downtown Manhattan that needs to have its own 100 million dollar community center. The only reason for building something on this scale, is because of its proximity to Ground Zero. The Ground Zero mosque is aimed at the hijacking of memory, not of Muslims, but of non-Muslims. It is meant to serve as part of the Muslim narrative spread after 9/11 that exonerates Muslims from all blame, while pointing the finger at America and the Jews instead. Which is why the ADL and the Wiesenthal Center have both come out against the Ground Zero Mosque, regardless of the vicious attacks directed at them by liberals for daring to stand up to Muslim colonization and bigotry.

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