Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swiss Ban Mosque in Surprise Vote

Click on the title to read the article. If only the rest of the world were as courageous as the Swiss. They recognize what has happened to Europe and see what is happening to America. We need to follow their example. The thing to remember here is that mosques are not the same as churches. We in American tend to lump all places of worship together and think that they all have the same purpose. They do not. Whereas churches are a symbol of worship, mosques and minarets are also symbols of power. Militant Islamists will spin this as an assault on religious freedom. They will call us bigots, anti-islamists and anything else they think will make us change our minds. They will use the second amendment to advance their cause. But we have to remember that acceptance and tolerance of Islam goes beyond acceptance of religion. It is acceptance of culture, a system of government, an entire way of life that will eventually be imposed on us all if Sharia Law continues to gain ground. We cannot afford to be naive and ignorant about this any longer. It is time for us to wake up, get informed and fight back!

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