Thursday, December 10, 2009

Expanding Government Run Programs--to the Few Who Can Afford It

Click on the title to read about how Expanding Medicare is the latest in a series of attempts to get the Health Care Bill passed. The more they try the worse it gets. I think they are hoping that by the end of the process we will all be so frustrated and confused that we will give up and accept whatever they come up with. The longer the process goes on the more I realize that this is the the second biggest con game in our country's history being foisted upon us, the first being Crap and Tax (OOPS! I mean Cap and Trade). If anything good comes out of this at all it will be the realization of how corrupt and degraded our legislative process has become. Now more than ever we need new leadership but even more than that we need to purge Washington of the rot and stench of corruption. Otherwise any new leadership will be tainted as well. Unless we do this we are doomed because only through strong executive, judicial and legislative leadership can we defeat the forces assailing us now.

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