Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liberals' public option dream fading - -

Liberals' public option dream fading - - Carrie Brown from Politico writes that the Liberal's dream of a public option appears to be fading. But don't be fooled. They have to much invested in this dream to let it die entirely. It may not make it into the Senate Bill but the Senate version still has to be reconciled with the House Bill which has a robust public option. The Libs are not going to let it slip away without a fight. They will pull out every dirty trick in the book and invent some more. They will not go quietly into the night.

In my humble opinion the only way out of this is to defeat this bill in its entirety--scrap it and start over. We need to come up with something that helps people right now not in the distant future. We need a patient-centered bill, not one filled with more government, higher taxes and all-out power grabs. Contacting your senators is important to let them know how you stand on this bill. But it is far more important now to wake up your friends and family to what is going on. It is time for all of us in America to wake up and take a stand!

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