Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Public School Kids Singing to Allah?

Click on the title for details but apparently some second graders sang a song to Allah during a school program. So are parents being Islamophobic when they object to their kids singing to Allah? What do you think would have happened if Muslim children had been made to sing Christmas carols and made to speak the name of Jesus as the Son of God? You know there would have been a huge outcry from the Muslim community! How, you may wonder, are they getting away with seemingly promoting religion in a public school? The teachers get away with in the name of cultural study and promotion of tolerance. If you think of Islam as a culture instead of a religion you can teach about it all you want and never be challenged. Unfortunately many teachers don't realize that instead of teaching tolerance they are promoting one culture over another and diminishing their own in the process. This does an incredible amount of damage not only to themselves but to those they teach. If you are going to be truly inclusive, each side should try on the shoes--and the religion-- of the other without fear.

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