Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Reflections--A Profile In Courage

Click on the title to read about Theresa Salcedo Cao, a remarkable woman who evangelizes almost daily in front of the White House. She is calling for Christians everywhere to join her in prayers for our nation to return to God. Hers is a message of hope, love and deliverance and the message is so powerful even those that would persecute her leave her in peace or at least have not harmed her. She plans to blow the shofar during Holy Week to call people to God. There is a link to her blog in the article about the Holy Week events and I encourage all lovers of God everywhere to join her in Washington DC this week. You can find her easily. She will be in front of the White House. These are the kinds of rallies and events we need to be having now in addition to the political ones. It's not about politics, parties or movements anymore. It's about values, principles, real hope, real love, standing for the Lord, and preparation for Heaven. We must turn back to God, we must seek his kingdom, we must gather together to pray. If you can join her in DC, consider blowing your own shofar in your community and having local prayer gatherings. It is time to stand! May God's love, peace, true hope and blessing be with you as we enter Holy Week and reflect on Jesus' promise of salvation through His sacrifice.

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