Friday, March 26, 2010

Are Tea Party Activists Suffering from ObamaCare Burnout?

Are Tea Party Activists Suffering from ObamaCare Burnout? The dems are counting on the Tea Party Movement losing steam. I like what the author says at the end of this piece, that our effectiveness depends on getting fiscal conservatives (I would say pure conservatives) into office. So lets pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and work together to elect such candidates to office. If we are to make a difference this is where we need to make it. I believe it is now time for Tea Party groups across America to unite as one and work on the local state and national levels to take back our country. This isn't about political parties anymore. This is about America and American principles and values. If we don't work together now we may not have a country to save in 2012. So lets buck up and get busy!!!! The first Revolutionary War wasn't won by quitters! They were exhausted, ill fed, sick and practically naked but they kept on. We must keep on.

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