Sunday, March 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's sick obsession - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Obama's sick obsession - Washington Times To me this is a perfect way to describe what is happening to Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Congress and dems in general. They have gotten so focused on their legislative "holy grail" that they can no longer see the big picture or hear the voices of warning. Not only do they not see or hear, they do not care if they see or hear. The journey to any holy grail is never so dangerous or elusive as when the grail is within reach. For the dems it's just too close not to go for it. They have to reach, they just have to, regardless of the consequence. The question now is are there any rational legislators left in Congress who are courageous enough to destroy the grail and break the obsession. Let's hope so--and pray so.

There are some excellent comments attached to this editorial and I hope that you will check them out. I particularly like the comment from Soldier 4110 who reminds us of God's providence. We need to remember that God is ultimately in charge and can work through anything and anybody according to His purpose. If this bill passes, God will use it to his glory. Check out Isaiah Chapter 45 in the Bible. It is a great chapter on how God used bad situations and even one of the most awful kings in the ancient world to carry out His purpose. At the end of the chapter God reminds us that "to me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear allegiance." It is one of my favorite chapters to read when I become discouraged about the government and about people. It helps to know the end of the story especially when getting to the end becomes rough. So be of good cheer! We know the end of the story and that knowlege will help us stay strong and keep fighting!

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