Monday, January 17, 2011

Time For a Constitutional Congress!

Day 36/365: Independence HallImage by wenzday01 via Flickr
Time for a Constitutional Congress - Terry Paulson - Townhall Conservative It is time for a Constitutional Congress and a Constitutional America!! Everyone in America, ESPECIALLY our leaders, should have a basic knowledge of the Constitution--what it says and what it stands for. Basic civics along with the Constitution and Declaration of Independence need to be taught in schools again. Everyone should have a personal copy of the Constitution as well as other founding documents and be able to engage in at least a basic discussion on constitutional issues.  Some of the articles below suggest that the Constitution is too confusing, shouldn't be binding, and is irrelevant for our times. However, it is a fact that our founding documents are the source and summation of our freedom and values.  If we are to preserve these we must know and understand the documents from which they are derived.  The fate of our nation depends upon citizens who know and understand her founding documents and system of government.  Without such understanding we could very well wake up one day under an entirely new and much less freedom oriented government and legal system.
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